We want our products to make a big impact, but not on the environment!

We source beautiful, high-quality timber from sustainably managed forests – but also ensure that our floors are produced in an ecological and energy efficient manner. Most of our wood is standard PEFC™ certified and on request we also supply FSC® certified wood.
We use solvent free, water-based and natural finishes, which comply with the most recent environmental laws and requirements.

Storage, drying, profiling, oiling and packaging are done in one location, thus avoiding transport to and from third parties.

The energy we require for production is generated by the clean timber waste from our own production process. We became energy independent by opening our own bio power plant in 1997. This was the first plant of its kind in the Benelux and it was launched by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

Our electricity demand is lower than we produce each day. The surplus energy is pumped back into the national grid. This amounts to approximately 1,300 kW per hour, enough to continuously supply 3,500 local households with 100% Green Electricity.